Why Training?

Taken from “Scouting and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” (May 2010)

The LDS Scouting Handbook places an increased responsibility on Church leaders, both stake and ward, to train LDS Scout leaders in the Scouting program. This means that stake and ward leaders need to know the Scouting program and must be trained themselves.

In January 2010, the Young Men General Presidency wrote,

“Mandatory training for Scout leaders will be rolled out over the next three years. All direct-contact leaders will need to attend in order to remain registered. It is the local council’s responsibility to provide training for all leaders in the program. Each council needs to focus on training individual leaders, and should not solely provide training for leaders to attend. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints supports the mandatory training policy and desires all Scouting leaders to receive the training necessary for their individual position.” 
The Young Men General Presidency also stated,

“We must find ways to help each adult who works with Young Men to have a desire to become fully trained. If we are going to be able to provide a dynamic Aaronic Priesthood activity program that develops them spiritually, creates strong brotherhood, provides wide opportunity for service to others, and reaches out to all young men, we must be better prepared to use the tools of Scouting through proper understanding. That understanding only comes through effective training and proper implementation.” 

The Boy Scouts of America offers basic training (New Leader Essentials and the appropriate leader-specific courses) for each Scouting position, as well as other courses such as Wood Badge, to help leaders learn Scouting methods and skills. Taking training should help the leaders properly understand the program so that it meets the intended results of both the BSA and the Church. Scout leaders may enroll in these courses to supplement training from local priesthood leaders.

In the February 2007 LDS Relationships Newsletter, President Dahlquist of the Young Men General Presidency emphasized the importance of Wood Badge training:

“If we are really intent in touching the lives of our young men—in building, as Elder Ballard has challenged, ‘the greatest generation of missionaries this world has ever seen’—then we will do whatever is necessary to help msp hack 2017 us to accomplish that, including getting trained. For most of us, Wood Badge is life-changing because it has to do more with vision and understanding this great tool for strengthening young men of the Aaronic Priesthood than anything else.”
Elder Christopher Munday
Elder Dan Jones

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