Winter Camping resources

Here are some ideas to help simplify planning for your next winter campout. These were shared in the recent Varsity Huddle.

8 simple tips for a comfortable winter camp

  1. Preparation (mental and physical) for boys and adult leaders.
  2. Burn calories to stay warm—eat lots of calories.
  3. Closed-cell foam pad for sleeping, standing, sitting, etc.
  4. Hot water bottles at night in sleeping bag (Nalgene work best).
  5. Layer clothing – bring a complete change of clothing (especially with snow caves).
  6. Bring an extra sleeping bag, tarp, or blanket for extra warmth.
  7. Sleep with a Beanie.
  8. When building snow caves – take two days to build them.


Winter Camping - Scouting Magazine

Winter Camping – Scouting Magazine

Places to go

  • City Weekly article – Has information about Big Cottonwood Canyon, American Fork Canyon, Spanish Fork Canyon, Strawberry Reservoir, Mirror Lake Highway, East Canyon, Rockport State Park.
  • Utah National Parks Council – Maple Dell or Frandsen Scout Ranch. Overnight packages include activities, equipment and food.

Winter Camping Info

Activity ideas

  • Ice fishing
  • Hiking/Snow-shoeing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Fire building competitions
  • Build a sled to haul gear
  • Shelter building – see link in Winter Camping Info section above for different types
  • Animal tracking
  • Lion hunting game (#4 at
  • Snowshoe soccer
  • Fox and Geese
  • Track and Snow – set up a hurdles course using piles of snow. Can have contests for speed or height.
  • Biathlon
  • Hot springs near Fillmore


For more great ideas for your Team, attend the next Varsity Huddle!